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Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013

Rebecca Valentine

IN YOUR FACE an exhibition by Paul Spencer

Opens on "La Nit de l'Art" Galleria 14, Palma de Mallorca


For one whole balmy night in September every year, Palma sets its streets alight with music and art from around the world attracting international as well as local art lovers to gather in the islands capital to browse and buy from some of the uber cool galleries that line the streets of the Mediterranean city with a feast of colour and creativity.


Paul Spencer's In Your Face Exhibition launches the spectacular night of art and culture celebrating the cream of Spanish and International artists.


'La Nit de l'Art is an all-night art fest that showcases everything from art photography to oil painting, sculpture, installations, street art and performances in Palma's historical centre.

Paul moves effortlessly between the cool, the commercial and the reportage. His archive features Hollywood film stars and top models, including an ongoing study of Vivienne Westwood’s neo-punk supermodel and muse, Sara Stockbridge. An accomplished filmmaker, Paul’s work spans thirty years, probing the lives of Romanian gypsies, showcasing intimate behind-the-scenes footage of prostitutes at the Old Axe - London’s oldest strip club - and on the run with outlaw bikers in the Seventies. His images of Morrissey are favourites of the acclaimed Artist and have been used as cover art on recent Best of Morrissey collections.


His exhibition of music and film icons launched Le Nit de l’Art in 2010 in Palma - an all-night art festival - and the same exhibition tours major cities around Europe as a solo exhibition. Paul Spencer divides his time between Brighton and Palma.

Paul Spencer

  opens all night art fest:

      La Nit de l'Art in Palma, Mallorca

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