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Who Needs An Agent? by Rebecca Valentine


Many times I am asked the same questions: Will you look at my portfolio and suggest an edit? Will you help me draw up a budget or give me a sample to work from? How can I get a book deal? How do you move into the fine art market? All of these questions and more are covered in my book Who Needs An Agent? Now you are the expert and the master of your own success!

Learn how to become a successful commercial photographer without securing an agent.


As a commercial photographer you can expand your career across advertising, editorial, fine art, syndication and corporate markets. You can win awards, sell your art through galleries and see your images published internationally.


To help you succeed Who Needs An Agent? includes:


• A unique twelve-part Masterclass covering all aspects of commercial photography written by a top London agent.

• Expert advice, tasks & case studies on style, presentation, drawing up budgets, negotiating  usage licenses and carrying out seamless production.

• Guidance on HOW TO BREAK INTO NEW MARKETS using lateral approaches.

• Essential downloadable templates including, contracts, model releases, estimate grids and invoices.

• Exclusive interviews from industry experts.


Rebecca Valentine

I have worked as a photographic agent for over fifteen years. During that time I have represented numerous photographers who have achieved international award-winning status, secured global advertising campaigns, published their archives as limited edition collectible high-quality hard-bound books, exhibited in major galleries across the globe and appeared on the front covers of the worlds major newspapers, trade and consumer press magazines.


In 2013 I judged the prestigious Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2013 along with Terence Pepper (curator NPG London), Kate Bush (curator Barbican), Suki Dhanda (photographer), Tim Eyles ( Taylor Wessing) and Sandy Nairne (Director NPG). Presented with over 6,000 images we spent two days editing the entries down to sixty then just three final winners. Spencer Murphy took first place with his excellent portrait of a female jockey.

I have had the privilege of working with some of the best international photographers of our age, including master photographers (David Montgomery, Helmut Newton, Brian Aris, Chris Dreja, Elliott Landy, Michael Spencer Jones, Karl Ferris, Paul Spencer and Nadav Kander) exhibiting worldwide.

More recently I negotiated the worldwide usage rights for Paul Spencer's Morrissey Autobiography front cover. This was a mammoth task working with independent publishers in over twelve foreign language territories.

My greatest achievement has been coaching aspiring photographers, who strive to break through barriers to reach the highest ranks of art, advertising, music, fashion, publishing and awards. Some have secured global advertising campaigns, others Gold Awards or recognition within the world of fine art. For me, taking a dynamic view and lateral approach to representation has been the very essence of my own success.

I hope to pass on my wealth of knowledge and experience built over fifteen years, offering techniques  to ensure you achieve your full potential. By stimulating a renewed passion, focus and professionalism the book will open up the wider creative community allowing you to excel in your chosen field.

My hope is that you will become your greatest representative.

Good luck! Your world awaits.

Rebecca Valentine - Agent & Author

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am an amateur photographer. Is the book right for me?

    The book is designed specifically for professional photographers wishing to improve their careers across the breadth of the marketplace. While we assume you are already a professional there will undoubtedly be invaluable information to set you on the path to becoming a successful professional photographer.

  • I am a wedding photographer - will the book benefit me?

    The book will benefit all professional photographers bringing lateral thinking to everyday problems. However, many of the modules focus on the commercial sector of advertising, fine art, publishing and award entries which is where my expertise lies.

  • I am a professional established photographer - will the book provide any benefit to me?

    Absolutely. Due to the competitive market many photographers have specialised in only one marketplace. this book will help you to redefine your focus and offer a fresh approach to old problems.

  • Can I find the book in paper form?

    No. The book is only offered online. In the future I may publish a paper copy.

  • The book appears to be anti-agent, will it help me find representation?

    Yes. The main intention of the book is to provide you with an approach that will remove the need for an agent. However, the final module concentrates entirely on best practices when searching for representation.

  • Does the book provide practical exercises or is it just advice?

    The book provides advice and practical exercises using real life case studies where relevant. Some modules are more advice than practical, others, like how to establish a unique style, offer practical solutions to edit your archive.

  • Do you offer one-to-one consultations with photographers?

    In a word, No. If you would like help with a very complex brief or have a sought-after archive I can help with transferral of copyright or international license agreements

  • If I have any questions regarding the book can I contact you directly?

    I try and respond to every message I receive. Sometimes the answer is no, but do contact me and I will try and iron out any problems

  • I work for an academic institution. Do you offer personal appearances and guest lectures?

    Diary dependant, yes I do. Please contact me at the email below.

  • Are you paid for your recommendations?

    Any recommendations made within the book are based on my own experience with those companies or individuals.

  • How long will it take before I see positive results from your book?

    This largely depends on you, your material and your level of experience and profile. For some, the benefits will be immediate, for others you will begin to see results once you have applied the advice over several new or existing sectors after a few months.

  • Do you offer a translation of the book into different languages?

    Not currently. The book is written in English. If we receive enough requests we will consider offering translations to those nationals.

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